About us

Welcome to Lashtrays.com - your reliable eyelash extensions supplier.

Lashtrays is created together with professional eyelash technicians to bring the best eyelash extension supplies to lashartists across the world! No private labels here at Lashtrays - only brands directly from manufacturers in South-Korea and Japan. Just read the reviews - these manufacturers really do know their game (:

As each eyelash technicians has her own techniques for doing lashes, we don't expect one brands products to suit all needs. This is why we tested over 40 manufacturers to find the very best eyelash extensions out there to find products that would suit different needs. And sure we did - the brands at Lashtrays are key to your success as an eyelash technician. These are all manufacturers own brands with long experience.

Here at Lashtrays, we value honest feedback from eyelahs technicians more than anything. This is why you will find a product review from almost all items at Lashtrays. We do not filter these in any way, as we only collect reviews from actual clients and we take all reviews directly to manufacturers so that they could keep up the good work, or in some cases, make some items better (:

We have created Lashtrays to suit eyelash technicians needs - feel free to take a look around, enjoy the best product in the world, fast delivery and extra friendly customer care.