Jovisa Super Bonder (15mL)

By Jovisa
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Jovisa Super Bonder (also known as speedbonder) helps to tie the fumes and cure the adhesive much faster than using a nano mister.

Works with any adhesives and makes adhesive bonds much stronger, increasing retention time considerably. The super lash tie reacts with eyelash extension adhesives, making them cure from the inside out, thus making the bonds more elastic.

15ml bottle is good enough to enhance eyelash extensions for 150-200 clients.

Use Jovisa Super Bonder in 3 ways:

1. Apply a small amount of Super Bonder on the roots of eyelash extensions while they are still on glue strip. Work as you would normally
2. Right after you have finished with applying eyelash extensions, apply a small amount of Speed Bonder on adhesive bonding points with micro brush.
3. Add a few drops of Speed Bonder to adhesive drop holder. Take desires quantity of eyelash extensions from glue strip, dip in your adhesive drop and then hold on top of Speed Bonder liquid for a few seconds. Then apply eyelash extensions on clients' lashes
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